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We provide a wide range of solutions for designing your effluent disposal system to the highest standards. 

Today, wastewater collection and treatment has become a critical social and environmental issue. It is only if the environmental contamination due to the discharge of water pollutants and septic waste are prevented or minimised that we are likely to have a clean environment. 

One practical way of controlling the harmful discharge of effluents to the environment is by constructing water treatment plants. In turn, we can use this treated water for agriculture, landscaping, and industrial use. Developing customised effluent disposal designs for different environmental, economic, and operational boundary conditions is one of Australian Soil Investigations fortes. 

On site Effluent Reports are required for properties in non-sewered areas for the disposal of wastewater from the building. A report and design are required to show where the wastewater will be disposed of within the allotment (Disposal Area or Land Application Area). It is required under the QLD Plumbing and Wastewater code and the Australian Standards (AS1547-2012) to find the best and safest solution to dispose of wastewater within the allotment. ASI provides Onsite Effluent reports for new construction or existing systems that have failed and require upgrading.

There are two ways that effluent is treated on site. Primary treatment (traditional septic tanks) or through a treatment plant (usually Advanced Secondary Treatment). ASI can provide designs for all systems depending on the site constraints.

The wastewater from the treatment systems can be disposed of in a number of different ways. If using a traditional septic tank Absorption Beds are required. An on site treatment plant can use a number of different options to dispose of the wastewater. Either through sprinklers, sub-surface drip irrigation or absorption beds.

ASI evaluates your site and soil to give you the best options available to dispose of the wastewater within the allotment. We then carry out in-situ testing (Percolation testing and Borelogging) to determine the location and size of the disposal area.

The location of the disposal area is determined by setback distances to buildings and waterways. ASI works out best practice options and then works with the owner to achieve the best outcome.

ASI then produces a report and design to show where the wastewater is to be disposed of. This is then submitted to council for approval. It will also be utilised by the installer for the construction of the disposal area.

ASI carries out Effluent assessments throughout Queensland and is familiar with the local council requirements and guidelines. Councils we are registered with include Sunshine Coast Council, Gympie, Fraser Coast, Bundaberg, Gladstone, North Burnett, South Burnett, Western Downs, Southern Downs, Goondiwindi, Scenic Rim, Gold Coast Redland Bay, Moreton Bay, Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba, Noosa and Brisbane city as well as Ipswich.

Although ASI does not recommend any particular brand of system we can discuss all the systems and help find the most suitable system for your site.

No project is too small or complex for us. We have a team of extremely qualified designers who can design environmentally sound effluent treatment systems to purposely suit the requirements of the clients, government, industry, and the community. Our systematic approach to every wastewater treatment task we undertake ensures you get effective and efficient project delivery without surprises, schedule delays, and cost overruns.

Our Effluent Disposal
Design Services


Before making any septic systems design specifications, we will visit your property and try to understand your requirements. Our clients engage us to solve septic systems design challenges and realise their goals within areas such as:

Feasibility studies

Water reclamation design

On Site Effluent Disposal System

Existing effluent treatment plant evaluations

 Wastewater treatment system design

Constructability reviews

Sewage treatment plant design

Plant construction estimating services

Effluent Treatment Plant Designs
Driven by Clients' Needs


At Australian Soil Investigations, we understand that designing an on site wastewater system depends on an extensive range of site-specific parameters.

That’s why our experts take various factors into account when designing your septic systems or wastewater treatment plant, including but not limited to your effluent requirements, site access, site spatial constraints, influent characteristics, discharge consents and permits, operational and maintenance costs, budget restrictions, etc.

We also carefully evaluate our client’s soil type, septic tanks and waste streams to advice on the most appropriate treatment methods, including biological, physical-chemical, aerobic, anaerobic, combination of aerobic and anaerobic, membrane control, odor control, and chemical oxidation.

Why We're Different


Many things set us apart from our competitors, and that’s why many people, businesses and companies in the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast, South Burnett, Bundaberg and Gympie regions trust us with our effluent treatment plant design and septic system installation services.

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A Professional Team
like no other

Our team includes a group of skilled and highly-trained professionals who are exceedingly dedicated to designing wastewater disposal systems with the latest technologies.

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Customised design

We tailor the design solutions to each and every client’s requirements.

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Viable and feasible

Our design process and systems are technically proven and economically viable.

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Fully compliant with
industry laws

We liaise with relevant regulatory authorities to ensure our wastewater designs conform to the most current quality standards for residential and commercial properties.

Experience with Diverse Needs


The team at Australian Soil Investigations have worked with different effluent treatment plant applications, including commercial and industrial wastewater processing, septic tanks, sewage treatment, storm water treatment, municipal water treatment, and recycled water treatment. 

Wastewater Disposal Specialists South-East QLD

We also have the experience to efficiently design effluent disposal systems for various industries, such as rural and industrial requirements.

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On Site Wastewater Designs that Deliver Returns


Cost-effective and responsible wastewater design and wastewater disposal is critical to any residential, industrial, or commercial facility’s operational success.

Need Effluent & Septic System Installation in South-East QLD?

Whether the objective is to eliminate municipality penalties and charges or capitalise on resource recovery, we have the know-how to design effluent treatment plant designs that deliver returns.

Give us a call today if you need assistance with any treatment plant design and septic systems services.

We will be more than glad to help out on a range of wastewater treatment services and the team at Australian Soil Investigations looks forward to being of assistance!

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