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Geotechnical Drilling

(Unearthing The Grounds Secrets)

Advanced Geotechnical
Drilling Techniques


We offer a wide range of geotechnical drilling solutions for subsurface site exploration and placement of data collection instruments. 

When searching for geotechnical drilling companies on the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, South Burnett, Gympie and the Hervey Bay region, ensure you go with someone with the experience.

At Australian Soil Investigations, we have both the experience and certifications needed for drilling geotechnical holes either for environmental, construction purposes or for extremely heavy structures  buildings that have a heavy load index on the soil. We are aware that the conditions below the ground are as critical as buildings that sit atop, and that the sub-surface conditions can considerably impact the scope of a project’s schedule, design, and budget.

That’s why we take drilling work seriously and with the highest level of professionalism possible. When you approach Australian Soil Investigations, expect drilling operations with accurate samples which truthfully represent the subsurface profile.

Our technicians will then help you interpret the results, which you can eventually use to make apt engineering and design decisions.

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When is Geotechnical Drilling Needed?


Geotechnical drilling is generally conducted for site analyses and site analyses are performed to ascertain whether or not a place will be suitable for construction. This entails drilling to collect soil samples and Rock samples with drilling operations to establish soil stability and other elements of interest. 

Unsafe soil and rock conditions can cause a structural collapse or trigger a hazardous landslip situation during a flood or earthquake. Therefore, the law requires geotechnical investigations for construction sites or extremely heavy structures before a permit can be granted. Continued safety monitoring is also necessary to identify any signs of developing issues that could pose a threat to structures or their surroundings. 

Without a doubt, this calls for professional geotechnical drilling services by a team you can trust! 

Australian Soil Investigations has provided many clients with geotechnical investigations and geotechnical drilling solutions throughout Sunshine Coat, Gympie and Southeast QLD.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with some of the top engineering and construction companies in the area and have been carrying out drilling operations and site investigations for over30 years.

 With our licensed and accredited team, you can trust our experience and capabilities to take on your next geotechnical drilling project!

Wide Range of Geotechnical Drilling Services


At Australian Soil Investigations we offer a range of drilling services to meet our clients’ needs.

Ranging from soil drilling, investigation and sampling to undisturbed sampling, we provide a service for many diverse fields of soil testing.

 We also offer environmental and sampling services, such as direct push sampling, soil and water sampling, water wells monitoring (domestic and agriculture), sampling of bedrock for mine sites, etc.

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Industry Leading
Geotech Drilling Equipment


Expect a smooth flow of work from our drilling contractors since we only use state of the art drilling equipment to perform even the most complex and challenging drilling assignments.

 Industry leading technologies and equipment also means we will always complete your project on schedule. 

We work with you to determine your specific project requirements and establish the type of equipment to be employed. Different drilling rigs of different capabilities and sizes are used depending on the project.

From drilling rigs used for onshore projects to drilling rigs used for low clearance tasks and hazardous site drilling, Australian Soil Investigations has an extensive drill rig fleet and equipment suitable for any project.

Serious About Safety to Avoid Collateral Damage


Most importantly, the geotechs behind these drilling rigs are very skilled and knowledgeable on safety techniques to avoid collateral damage and ensure you’re in the best hands! 

One of the hazards of using heavy machinery, especially in heavy built-up neighborhoods, is weakening the structural integrity of close-by buildings due to the vibration caused by the drilling work.

 If not done correctly, nearby structures can be negatively affected by the drilling and can spark legal consequences.

However, when dealing with our experienced drilling contractors, we carefully study the surroundings and determine the best drilling approach to prevent this from happening and you can worry less knowing we’ll get the job done as smoothly and safely as possible!


We Know The Drill


Whatever the size of your project, the experienced geotechnicians at Australian Soil Investigations are equipped to carry out your next drilling project to exacting standards. 

Our goal has always been to help maximise our clients’ projects’ success by guaranteeing efficiency, reliability, and safety. 

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have an upcoming project that needs any geotechnical drilling-related services and our team is also always eager to answer all your questions and concerns. Get in touch today!

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