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Comprehensive soil investigation and test services from Australian Soil Investigations – Ensure that your site can effectively accommodate your construction project. 

Are you looking for professional soil investigation and testing services to ensure your next project’s practicality and safety? Whether you are about to launch a commercial, residential, or industrial project, doing a soil test is essential in determining a site’s viability. 

Here at ASI we can help you by performing an in-depth and accurate geotechnical soil investigation and soil samples testing of any type. Our laboratories boast of state of the art, automated soil testing equipment that reduces the likelihood of human errors and substantially improves the soil samples results’ reliability. 

We offer competitive rates for our soil site investigation. Because here at Australian Soil Investigations, we’re about delivering quality and accessible soil testing services throughout south-east Queensland, Gympie and Wide Bay regions. We come to you with our soil test on site so you don’t have to worry about anything except the decisions you’ll be making when our results come through. We look forward to working with you.

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Whatever soil investigation and soil testing services you need in Queensland, Australian Soil Investigations is here to help. We have a highly-qualified and certified team of geo-technicians and engineers, who ensure that any soil samples test we conduct is standardised and fully compliant with the relevant laws. Some of the soil tests we carry out in our labs include:

Gravity Test – Test performed to determine the ratio of unit weight of soil solids to water. 

Soil Compaction Tests – Test performed to establish the compaction properties of the soil in your preferred site.

Atterberg Limits Tests – Test performed on fine-grained soil to determine its critical water content. Usually, there are three stages or limits that establish fine-grained soils’ properties: plastic limit, liquid limit, and shrinkage limit.

Moisture Content Test – Test carried out to determine the amount of water the soil contains. It is usually expressed as the percentage or fraction of dry mass. The moisture content test is determined using various methods, including the Pycnometer method, oven-drying method, radiation method, calcium carbide method, etc. However, the most commonly used method is the oven-drying method, which entails weighing the soil sample and drying it in an oven at 110-115 degrees Celsius.

Dry Density Test – Test used to categorize the soil into three types – dense, medium, and loose. A lesser density signifies a stronger foundation.

Disturbed and Undisturbed Soil Sample Collection

Detailed Geological Surveys

Soil Reactivity Testing

Soil Shear Strength Measurements

Slope Stability Investigation


Soil Testing Hervey Bay

We provide on-site investigations and use the most up to date equipment for the most accurate results.

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Soil Testing Gympie

Our specialists also complete site investigations and soil testing around Gympie. We can also offer geotechnical reports and septic designs. Book a call with us today to get more information.

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Soil Testing Bundaberg

We provide a wide range of services such as wastewater investigations and designs, geotechnical reports soil testing and site investigation throughout the Bundaberg region. Enquire with us today.

Why Soil Investigation &
Testing is Important?


Soil investigation involves determining the soil’s type and rock strata at a site by drilling holes into the ground to obtain samples. This is done to make sure that the soil conditions and substructure, which is ultimately going to hold up a structure, is safe and enduring. 

It is of great significance for any civil engineering project that a proper and precise soil investigation is conducted. This investigation usually forms the basis for designing, planning, and constructing the structure. In fact, the performance and serviceability of structure largely depend on soil conditions investigation’s adequacy and accuracy. 

Unfortunately, many people underrate the significance of soil investigation during the initial phase of a project. The most common causes of foundation failure, is inadequate knowledge of site classification and ground conditions. 

There have been some cases where trying to overlook site classification testing have led to catastrophic results. Evidently, structures designed on inadequate or assumed data are synonymous with long term complications. Even worse, it may result in loss of life, endanger residents, damage neighbouring buildings, or be rendered unfit for the intended purpose.

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All your Soil Investigation
Needs: How we can help


In particular, our soil investigation services will help you or your engineer to:

Determine the appropriateness of the soil or determine whether a project can be accommodated successfully at the site.

Establish if there will be any possible issues with the subsurface that might affect the construction process, like requiring deeper footing that might cost more, and lets you adjust your budget accordingly.

Identify the different types of soil and rocks present in your preferred construction site.

Determine the soil compaction, strength, sand content, density, contamination, etc. and establish what impact it may have on the project.

Get data and soil sampling required to draft safety and technical reports that will help you get planning permissions from the relevant authority.

Receive accurate results and ensure maximum safety for the building project and people residing there.

Involves Experts in Your Next Project


Ditch the hassle of contracting non-qualified people, as Australian Soil Investigations is here to provide you with unmatched geotechnical investigation services. When you seek our geotechnical services, expect comprehensive soil investigation reports that surpass your expectations. You can also rest assured your next construction project will go on as anticipated. 

Get in touch today if you wish to get a quick quote, talk to one of our experts, or learn more about our soil investigation and geotechnical services!


Soil Test on Site

Not only do we produce quality work when it comes to soil testing services, but we bring our South East Queensland services to you. There’s no need to leave your building or construction site when you require an investigation in South East Queensland. Simply give us a call, and a member of our expert team will find a good time for us to travel to your site and do the investigation and assessment.

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Our Soil Reports

We’re the experts when it comes to a soil investigation test and we’re licensed to perform on-site effluent assessments. Our soil testing and assessments are done with the expertise and knowledge of over 27 years of experience and produce the accurate results you and your construction team require to succeed. Give our South East Queensland team a call today for a free quote or for a soil investigation.

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Why Choose Us?

Choose Australian Soil Investigations because we have the expertise, rates, and experience necessary to provide high-quality services. We are licensed and accredited with all current qualifications and operate to latest Australian Standards, government codes, regulations and guidelines making us the safest choice for your next project.

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