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Choose Australian Soil Investigations because we have the expertise, rates and experience necessary to provide high-quality services. We are licensed and accredited with all current qualifications and operate to latest Australian Standards, government codes, regulations and guidelines, making us the safest choice for your soil investigations.

Please call for free quotes on your speciffic project.

We service many remote areas including South East Queensland, Wide Bay and Gympie regions and many of our clients choose not to attend the testing process however you are more than welcome.

Drilling small holes within the house site and the effluent disposal area.

You need a soil test so that the relevant designers and engineers can design your footings to suit your site.

We use a small drilling rig, a small excavator or hand augers, depending upon access.

You only need one for non-sewered sites.

You’ll need to provide site details, contact details, site plan (where available), email address, directions if hard to find, the location of any services (power, sewer, water, data, stormwater etc.), any locked gates or difficulty with access and any animals (dogs).

We try to do the field work, laboratory testing and reporting in a week.

No, we send all reports to the client who is responsible to forward those to certifiers, engineers and local authorities. However we do work closely with concils in many regions including  Wide bay, Gympie and all of South East Queensland 

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